Il Borgo del Balsâmico

In deference perhaps to the Crotti family’s past in the fashion business, Il Borgo del Balsamico’s packaging shows off its products admirably. Original and esthetically pleasing, the packaging clearly communicates the different product types and how they should be used. “Today it’s so important to give clear information to consumers. We are bombarded by information that doesn’t inform. It’s crucial that people be given the information they need to be able to choose. Being able to make choices means you can assess and grow your critical capability”, says Cristina Crotti, who is also in charge of the company’s product image. The color code chosen by Il Borgo del Balsamico is as follows: yellow, orange and red for the balsamic condiments and aubergine for the Traditional Balsamic Vinegar with its three distinctive categories. Colors are a universal language needing no translation. The difference product characteristics are communicated easily and simply. The colored caskets are perfect containers. Carefully crafted, they are solid but luxurious, their double lining designed to protect the precious bottles and their content. Each bottle is sealed by hand in the traditional way with original binding material and sealing wax that is stamped while the wax is still warm. Each item is unique, never quite the same as the previous one. Each takes with it into the world all the dedication and infinite care that have gone into the long process that culminates in one of the miracles of Italy’s tradition of fine foods. Undisputed quality is best communicated through a clear, transparent and direct message.