mrs Crimbles

The Mrs. Crimble’s brand has been around longer than you might have realised having initially been launched in 1979 and sold direct to stores in the London area. More recently the company has become known for its range of cakes, biscuits, snacks and treats which are now deliciously Gluten Free. In the early days the brand was endorsed by the original TV chef Fanny Craddock and operated a small fleet of vans. The two best selling lines were the plain and choc macaroons, and these two are still as popular today.

Mrs. Crimble’s was one of the first brands to be stocked on the Free From fixtures in the UK supermarkets. Before then the products had been found in specialist health shops and farm stores. Whilst today Mrs. Crimble’ still happily supply many of their original outlets the proliferation of Gluten Free products means you can find Mrs. Crimble’s in all sorts of places.