Natural Herbs & Spices

Natural Herbs and Spices is a family run business based in Cape Town. Natural provides naturally grown, naturally cleaned, non-GMO herbs, spices, rubs, dippers, pestos and seasoning to those who value healthy living. What Natural does differently is that they do not irradiate their spices such as other leading manufacturers – Natural cleans their spices through steam pasteurisation. Like the name, Natural focuses on delivering its expanding product offering, using natural methods only!

Naturally Produced

All of the ingredients are naturally produced. No genetically modified organisms or methods are used during the farming of the ingredients, and none of the products contain preservatives, colourants or monosodium glutamate (MSG).

Naturally Clean

 All of the ingredients are steam pasteurised – the only natural alternative to conventional treatment methods when it comes to the reduction of micro-organisms in food. Colour and flavours are not compromised during this process.