Sardine Roe in Olive Oil bySocilink

Produced by a traditional process and in line nature’s requirements, bySocilink preserves and stand out for canned fish’s quality. The fish used is strictly selected, ensuring the product excellence. For the Signature range, the best canned fish were selected, more distinct, in order to go to the most exquisite taste. Dare to discover it, is was designed for you!

 Small Anchovy Fillets preserved in olive oil. For those who enjoy the strong flavor of this fish accompanied by mild flavor of the oil.

Ingredients: Anchovy (60%), olive oil (34,5%), salt.
Allergy Information: Contains Fish products
Net Weight: 50g
Drained Net Weight: 30g
Storage: Store in a cool, dry place. Once opened keep refrigerated in a non-metallic container and consume within 1 day.
Country of Origin: Produced in Portugal. Produced using fish caught in the Atlantic Ocean

Nutritional Information – Typical values per 100g of drained product
Enery 1443kJ / 348kcal
Fat 29g
Saturates 4,2g
Carbohydrate 2,8g
Sugars 0,0g
Protein 19,0g
Salt 1,3g


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